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MAS 01 Governance Records

MAS 01 Governance.pdf

Governance Records contains minutes of MAS Board and annual meetings, committee minutes, annual reports, and other materials created by the Board of…

MAS 06 Greenacre Reference Library

MAS 06 Greenacre Reference Library.pdf

The Greenacre Reference Library has provided research and reference support for the Municipal Art Society since 1978. This collection contains books,…

MAS 07 Planning and Preservation Committees

MAS 07 Preservation Committees.pdf

The Planning and Preservation Committees are responsible for addressing issues regarding urban planning, design and policy issues, and historic…

MAS 08 Planning and Preservation Projects

MAS 08.2 Preservation Projects.pdf

This collection contains the project records for MAS' urban planning and historic preservation works.

MAS 09 Planning Center

MAS 09 Planning Center.pdf

The Planning Center supports the community planning efforts of MAS.

MAS 10 Urban Center and Urban Center Books

MAS 10 Urban Center and Urban Center Books.pdf

The Urban Center was conceived as New York's first institution to address public issues of the built environment and houses the headquarters of the…

MAS 11 Exhibitions and Events

MAS 11 Exhibitions and Events.pdf

This collection contains materials from exhibitions and events organized by the Municipal Art Society of New York.

MAS 12 Tours

MAS 12 Tours.pdf

This collection contains scripts, guides, and other information about the tours of historic sites given by MAS.

MAS 13 Major Public Programs

MAS 13 Major Public Programs.pdf

This collection contains records from Imagine New York, Tribute in Light, and the MAS Summit.

MAS 14 Awards

MAS 14_Awards.pdf